My child has been going to Cambridge academy since he was about six months old and he is now 6. This is the best day care I have found anywhere. I absolutely trust them to care for my child as I would. My kid did the preschool here and he started kindergarten at the top of his class. Words cannot describe how great the teachers are and how much each one cares for all of the kids. It is a very loving positive environment and my child absolutely loves coming here. Anyone looking to check out this facility please do, do not let the negative comments prevent you because they are not true!!

Patsy – Wombutt, Plano TX

I recently enrolled my 4 year old and at the time 6 month old kids into this AMAZING establishment. I can honestly say, that was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made! The staff is nothing less than Amazing, I’ve never had any weird feelings about the safety of my kids. My four year old’s speech has drastically improved, which lets me know they are working with him and not just “babysitting!” The staff greets us daily with a bright smile, which definitely helps with those not so happy mornings!!

Ty P, Plano TX

My child has attended this school since he was 14 weeks old and it is so much more than just a “daycare”, it is his 2nd home. The staff is caring and nurturing to the children while being attentive to the needs of the parents too.

Roxanne Mitchell, Plano TX

My son is always learning something new and loves all the teachers Ms. Zack is amazing!! I feel like my son is safe and loved here.

Marie Burke, Plano TX

I would like to share something that I witnessed when I was picking up my grandchild at Cambridge Academy this evening. When I walked in I was very disturbed at a parent who was disrespecting and berating Ms. Gina. This parent was arguing with Ms. Gina as well as a woman on the parent’s cell phone which was laying on the counter for everyone to hear. Ms. Gina was very calm and professional with the parent who was very condescending to her. All of this was over a no cell phone zone. As a parent and a grandparent I am very happy that there is a no cell phone rule because when we drop off or pick up our children it should be about them not whoever is on the other end of the phone. If you are on a business call, finish before you come in to the school. The saddest part is that this parent was doing this in front of their child. What is that parent teaching their child? Ms. Gina is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She goes out of her way to make all the children and their families to feel important. If this parent can not see that Ms. Gina only has the best interest of the children at heart, I feel sorry for them.

Gary Brewer, Plano TX

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