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Three’s Program

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Three Year Olds

Cambridge Academy provides an individualized curriculum for all students, recognizing that each child is unique and special with differing talents and gifts.  Our classrooms are cheerful and nurturing, with hands-on activities that encourage creativity, exploration and learning.

Cambridge Academy’s theme based curriculum for three year olds provides an enriching environment with activities intended to enhance your child’s overall development in a quality early childhood educational setting.  Art projects, cooking experiences and group activities provide hands-on opportunities to explore these themes.

The three year olds work on a wide rang of academic activities throughout the school year to increase their language abilities.  Some of these activities include:

v Listening and communication skills

v Recognition of the alphabet both visually and orally

v Recognizing their first names

v Increasing vocabulary

v Providing a print-rich environment

Math and science concepts, as well as emotional and social skills are developed through theme-based activities.  Large group and small group activities are planned to provide a variety of hands-on experiences.

Some of the goals for our Cambridge Academy Three year old students include:

Counting 0-20

Identifying numbers 0-9

Increasing knowledge of colors and shapes




Art, music, computer education, Spanish instruction and outdoor play round out our three-year olds’ day, a day that is filled with fun learning activities designed to bridge the gap between Two’s and Pre-kindegarten

At Cambridge Academy, we provide a loving environment where your child can grow and mature to their fullest.

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