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Cambridge Academy offers a full day kindergarten class for children who are five on or before November 1st.  This class is for a select group of students whose parents desire a private, individualized curriculum for their kindergarten aged student.  Cambridge Academy’s low student to teacher ratio and positive learning environment encourage our students’ natural excitement for learning.  Our hands-on learning activities are age appropriate and geared to develop the essential skills necessary for later primary school success.

Reading is integrated throughout our curriculum.  Cambridge Academy kindergarten students experience oral and written language by:

Exposure to a variety of quality children’s literature;

Participation in a variety of listening, speaking, and writing experiences;

Identification of upper and lower case letters and their sounds;

Introduction to D’Nealian manuscript writing;

Exposure to creative writing at an appropriate developmental level;

Application of decoding skills and reading high frequency words to acquire emergent reading skills;

Beginning to respond to literature with questions, comments, and opinions;

Predicting outcomes and identifying cause and effect; and

Organizing thoughts and ideas for listening and speaking.

Kindergarten math, science and social studies skills include:

Counting to 100 and skip counting by 5’s and 10’s;

Sorting objects by various criteria;

Identifying geometric shapes;

Creating and understanding patterns;

Exposure to money, time and measurement concepts;

Experiencing and exploring a variety of math manipulatives;

Understanding concepts of addition and subtraction;

Developing problem solving skills; and

Exploring science and social studies concepts within their environment.

To encourage positive work habits and good socialization skills our students:

Respect and appreciate the diversity of others;

Explore ways to resolve conflicts with others;

Develop self-confidence and sense of independence in their work;

Learn to complete their work in an appropriate amount of time;

Participate in group activities and

Follow established classroom rules.

Art, music, computer education, Spanish instruction and outdoor play round out our Pre-kindergartens’ day, a day that is filled with fun learning activities designed to bridge the gap between preschool and their primary years.

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