Here at Cambridge Academy, we understand the importance of sensory play in the education of young children.  Taking in information through their senses is how children learn about their world.  Did you know that the one sense that sends information directly to our brain is our sense of smell? From the moment they step through the door of our Discovery Cove, children are met with bursts of color and unlimited potential for learning.  Our water play tables teach children cause and effect, sand tables allow them to investigate and explore textures and a variety of science materials encourage curiosity and wonder.  The array of colors on the walls they might just inspire your future artist to create that first piece of artwork. Whether it’s putting on a puppet show for friends, curling up with a good book, or building a sky scraper out of blocks your child will be awaken to new adventures each day.  Our Discovery Cove will help your children take their first steps toward learning what passions will drive them.