“Strong Foundations”

A curriculum that is based on sound child development principles of how children learn and grow!

“Strong Foundations”

  • Promotesinteractive learning.
  • Promotes the development of higher order abilities, such as thinking and problem solving.
  • Helps children achieve social, linguistic, physical, and cognitive goals.
  • Builds and elaborates on children’s current knowledge and abilities.
  • Promotes feelings of safety, security, and belonging.
  • Encourages active learning and allows children to make meaningful choices.
  • Provides experiences that promote feelings of success and a joy of learning.
  • Facilitates concept learning and skills development in an integrated and natural way.
  • Has expectations that are realistic, attainable and are developmentally appropriate.


Strong Foundationscurriculum for 0 – 3 years old adheres to the “Texas Infant, Toddler and Three Year Old Early Learning Guidelines” endorsed by Texas Pediatric Society.


“Strong Foundations” curriculum for 4 – 5 year olds comply with the “Texas Pre-Kindergarten TEKS” (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) written by Texas Education Agency.

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